“Wormhole techno that screws together heaving-and-plunging drum battering with searing, riptide waves of noise-drenched alien synths. Roaring and stuttering to apocalyptic crescendos whether it be a scrunched 128bpm roller or a thundering 142bpm getaway.” – Lobster Theremin on D.Dan’s “The Danger Zone”

A mysterious producer with a breakneck, no-nonsense production style, Korean-American Berlin-based techno wunderkind D.Dan is responsible for some of the hardest bangers of 2016 and 2017.

D.Dan’s tracks evoke the very essence of proper dance music, masterfully moving between the mutant machine paranoia of Mills-ian era techno and the dystopian soundscapes of Downwards records, while occassionally indulging in the low-slung dusty grooves of contemporary house music. He has released music on Mörk, Lobster Theremin, and Techno is the Devil’s Music.

D.Dan -

R: Worldwide
A: Mat Constance


Palisade 2018