DJ Octopus, aka Marco Zanin, is an Italian house producer known for his ability for knocking out fun, no-frills house tracks with an unassuming expertise. Along with a host of likeminded producers including DJ Haus and Steve Murphy, his music evokes a particular ethos that is oh-so-necessary in today’s music environment- that the primary purpose of dance music is to make people dance.

DJ Octopus has released music on Enlightened Wax, Chiwax, Hardmoon London, Hotshit Records, Hot Haus Records, Love Notes, Shall Not Fade, House Crime, Domina Trxxx, and his own label Metal Position Records, which he coruns with friend and likeminded producer Steve Murphy.

DJ Octopus -

R: Worldwide
A: Mat Constance


Palisade 2018