Dust-e-1 is the latest project of Alex Sheaf, a stable fixture of the montreal electronic scene in recent years, known through projects such as Little Tapes, Geesemen DJs and The Hutchin Crew.

Youtube users may recognize Sheaf via his “tas95” alias, where songs new and old were archived, offering an intriguing insight into his sonic palette. As Dust-e-1, Sheaf released his first 12” EP this year with local label Collect Call Records, and followed this up with a recently announced 12” due on Lobster Theremin’s white label series at the end of September.

Sheaf’s interest in the processes of collaboration is evident in his work as “ANF” alongside Priori, “The Hutchin Crew” with housemate Riohv as well as being in techno-band “Perishing thirst”, who’s debut album is set to drop on NAFF recordings later this year.


R: Worldwide
A: Ryan Otis


Palisade 2018