“Summoning a vibrant portfolio of idyllic seashore images and washed-out reminiscences flowing with life and nostalgia, Earth Trax draws from sources as diverse as classic Chicagoan house, trancey acid and ’90s-imbued ambient soundscapes with an impeccable sense of interfacing.” – Inverted Audio on Earth Trax’s “I Gave You Everything”

Earth Trax is Bartosz Kruczyński, a precocious young Polish artist who has proven his ability to effortlessly navigate the electronic music continuum with style and grace. His emotional, artfully conceived productions have been released on Rhythm Section International, Dopeness Galore, Phonica Records, Echovolt Records, Lost Palms, and Les Yeux Orange.

Earth Trax -

R: Worldwide
A: Mat Constance


Palisade 2018