Where others are content sticking with one sound – Frits embodies the true ‘all rounder’. A classically trained pianist comfortable making genre spanning sounds ranging from jazzy groovers to stripped back techno/electro and dusty hip-hop. This versatility along with an unrivalled work ethic and sense of humour to match has arguably bolstered Frits into the high demand artist he is today. 

Throughout releases on Heist Wolf and Bobby Donny, Frits has consistently drawn for his arsenal of synths, effects and drum machines and through doing so has stitched a sound characterized by raw drums, analogue bass tones and odd, lo-fi samples, brimming with gently wobbling piano samples, tightly swung drums and thick, brazen bass lines that continue to re-define genres.

Frits Wentink -

R: Europe + Asia 
A: Ryan Otis


Palisade 2018