Few artists today are more responsible for the recent obsession with melancholic house as a genre in dance music than Harrison Webber, better known as Harrison BDP. His instant classics such as “Decompression” and “It’s Foggy Outside,” along with the work of others, have helped lay down the foundation for a sound that’s low on frills but high on emotion through its superb utilization of classic techniques and poignant vocal sampling.

Drawing on the dusty grooves of the 2010s house revolution paired with the dub-inflicted chords and that call to mind quintessential house labels Fiji Recordings and Driftwood, he has earned millions of plays on Youtube channels around the globe in a relatively short amount of time, making him one of dance music’s fastest growing artists and one to watch in 2018.

Harrison BDP -

R: Worldwide
A: Ryan Otis


Palisade 2018