Lord Pusswhip is a 24 year-old hip hop/electronic producer and rapper from Iceland. Known for his lush, psychedelic and confrontational sounds, his music is equally inspired by Down South rap and futuristic dance music as it is by his upbringing of VHS horror films, punk rock and thinking differently.

Pusswhip has already produced for underground rap luminaries such as Rome Fortune, Metro Zu and Bones as well as playing overseas with hip-hop and no wave legends Dälek, Tommy Ca$h and Goth Money Records. His debut mixtape, LORD PUSSWHIP IS WACK, received rave reviews and got nominated for album of the year in Iceland. After his last few years of living in Berlin, Lord Pusswhip offers you music partly influenced by the city’s unique dance & techno scene, as well as his own eclectic studies. His recent output offers an exhilarating insight into what he’s been creating for the last couple of years.

Lord Pusswhip -

R: Worldwide
A: Mat Constance


Palisade 2018