With an affinity for intricate percussion, complex progressions, interweaving melodies, and otherworldy sounds, Roza Terenzi is rapidly becoming one of the most exciting artists to emerge from the Australian underground. Her music refuses to sit still, energetically shifting between banging house, deep bleep, hip hop breaks, hardcore, and intelligent electro with ease and dexterity.

Following her acclaimed debut record on Good Company, Roza Terenzi is exploding into 2018 with a highly anticipated collaboration with likeminded artist D. Tiffany, and a solo record on venerable imprint Kalihari Oyster Cult. Breaking through at breakneck speed, she is set to become one of the year’s most celebrated new artists.

Roza Terenzi -

R: North + South America
A: Mat Constance


Palisade 2018