S.O.N.S is an artist of a particular pedigree; with a sound informed by the deeper realms of proper dance music, he is able to successfully draw on a variety of recognizable signifiers in order to create a mystical world that is ultimately his own. Armed with a melodic sound pallette that draws heavily from rave-era hardcore, UK intelligent techno, early trance, and second wave Detroit, S.O.N.S creates music that is unique and all-emcompassing, yet strangely familiar. 

S.O.N.S maintains the ethos of the golden techno era by exclusively releasing music on his self-titled label, distributing his own records, and avoiding photos and press. His three records to date are highly prized, having experienced sold out runs and soaring Discogs prices.

S.O.N.S -

R: Worldwide
A: Mat Constance


Palisade 2018