With an inclination towards swinging rhythms, analog hardware, and a sound aimed directly at the dancefloor, Mattia Favaretto, better known as Steve Murphy, is a househead in the truest sense of the word. Drawing on the deeper roots of Chicago and Detroit, Steve Murphy pays homage to a time when clubs were more than just a place to take your next Instagram photo.

Steve Murphy’s approach to DJing is a reflection on his production ethos; a veteran who masterfully blends house, techno, new wave, electro, italo, and new wave, his vinyl-only sets effortless navigate the dance music spectrum with a touch that can only be developed through years of experience. 

Seve Murphy runs Muscle Records, and co-runs Metal Position Records with friend and likeminded producer DJ Octopus.

Steve Murphy -

R: Worldwide
A: Mat Constance


Palisade 2018