“He brought the BASS from outer SPACE! 2 YER FACE!!! The Unruly and groovy. The sneaky and freaky. The Alien Boogie commander known as Volruptus is on a mission to make you move!”

An alien who crash landed in Iceland and is slowly infiltrating your mind, Volruptus’ alien electro draws on the biogenic sequences of Underground Resistance, the manic rhythms of Miami Bass, and the delirium that can only be induced by travelling at warp for too long. Armed with an otherwordly live set and releases on the infamous bbbbbbb, Nina Kraviz’s Trip, and digital label Sweaty Records, his mutant sound has been brainwashing unsuspecting victims since he first appeared in the sky in 2016. Resistance is futile.

Volruptus -

R: Worldwide
A: Mat Constance


Palisade 2018